Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

This is the short I did for the Electric Projected event that was held in Beacon, NY on October 1, 2011. The animations were projected onto a massive abandoned electric blanket factory in downtown Beacon, with each filmmaker drawing their inspiration from a chosen mural that occupies each window. Each animation began and ended with its respective origin window, as we were given a template of the building from which to construct the animation in relation to the architecture.

I chose the mural “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” by Cern and Elia Gurna, who created the work onsite at the 2010 Electric Windows Event. I was drawn to the creepy characters and texture of the mural, as well as to the fatalistic, anti-war narrative of the original song by Pete Seeger. Plus I just loved getting to animate these critters and create a backstory for them.

I gave myself a week to work on the story and animation, plus a couple weekends when I could manage. While the event itself was accompanied by a live DJ, I had worked on the edit based on my friend Rob Hart’s song “Leaving the Plains”, which is in this final mix. Animated with Cinema 4D, Anime Studio Pro and After Effects.

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